5 Must Do’s with respect to your Google+ Company Page

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 Google+ To Do ListWow, the new Google+ Company Pages are very cool!

I setup a national company page for Midwest Laboratories and a page for Marketing Director Blog – last option under Company Page Setup

I am by no means finished with setup. I will try all kinds of things.

Here are some things I do believe you need to do right away.

  1. Get a page setup with your company name, especially if it is a common name.
  2. Make sure you tie your Company Site or Blog Site to your Google+ Page using the Google Badge.
  3. Start Posting information so people can find you and Google+ can find you.
  4. Take steps for Google+ to find you Google+ Direct Connect (Read this information it ties everything together in Steps 1 – 3)
  5. Start looking at other company pages and become more active on Google+.   (This is a no-brainer)

Remember, Google+ is more than just another social media site. Search is at the heart of Google+. Google is even telling you in the setup to do these items so they  must be important. Google is currently doing a lot of verifying of sites and links.

Any must do’s that I left out that you feel you need to do right away? Please let me know.

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