A lesson from Jim Collins

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The right business teamWinning in turbulent environments!  Two key themes from this video.

  • If you cannot predict what will happen in this uncertain world, you need to prepare the best that you can
  • The most important way to prepare is to focus on “who”.  Who will be on your team?

This post is short, but very powerful. | Watch the Video!

This week,  I am thinking about my team. Do I have the right team in place to face the future uncertainties in 2012? Are my basis covered.

Today, I am also thinking about leadership, but that topic is a little more personal, if you want to check it out, go to my personal site.   Topic:  Giving your best…Do you know your limit

Yesterday, I talked about goal setting and an important step in the process.

Here’s to your thoughts both personally and professionally as we approach a new year.

Picture via John Hall & Associates