Connecting with key people

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connecting togetherThis week I have really been blessed to meet with key people in my industry, marketing mentor, as a part of an executive group with other company executives and online with some great people who I have never met in person.

Connecting with the right people is the key to a successful business.

Establishing and maintaining those relationships is vital!

I was reminded of this when I received a Christmas Card from a cooperating teacher that I worked with when I was student teaching 24 years ago in a different career.  I will never forget this person because she gave me an overall grade of a “B” for  the classes I taught with her. She told me that in time, I would be a good teacher, but I needed experience to grow and she saw some real potential and she showed me the areas I needed to work at to get better. I will always be grateful for that “B”. By the way, the other cooperating teacher at the same school gave me an “A” but I cannot tell you why I deserved that grade and I haven’t kept in touch with her.

My point here is that people who take the time and share their thoughts, insights, concerns and the facts are worth so much more than the general crowd. You need to recognize these people, especially like the one in the example above who not only told me why she gave me the grade that she did, but also took the time to tell me how to improve and has stayed in contact with me all of these years. I will always be grateful for those notes, they took me to a higher level than any A could ever have been worth.

Connect with people today.

Yesterday, I reconnected with a former teammate from my consulting days. I had not talked to him for a year. It was refreshing to hear how his job and life have changed over the years. I have talked through so many issues and projects with him and he has helped me seen the value in getting some fresh eyes from outside of my company.

I also talked to a Marketing Mentor who helps me stay focused on the steps I need to take with respect to new services and cultivating new clients. Getting an outside perspective from a trusted resource is a must in today’s business world.

My point here is that all it takes is picking up the phone , or sending an email.  Schedule a time to talk or meet. You will be a better person in the end.

Take Care and Have a Great Weekend!

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