Focus on “real” clients not social media clients

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FocusLast night I was in a meeting with executives from different organizations. One business  owner announced that he was going to hire a social media consultant to help him gain exposure on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  He told the group that he needed someone to take his company to a new level and he wondered if any of us had any suggestions for him.  All of us asked the question back, have you looked at these sites to see if your clients or potential clients are on these sites. The owner’s response was no.  He said, “I know I need to get into social media and I want to get going”

Sadly, this is the way many company representatives feel.  It is a consultant’s dream job. I know I used to be a consultant. The consultant could show success by higher follower counts, establishing a presence on each platform and show the company owner that he is ready to go. The owner feels good about the work that has been done because he or she does not know what to even begin to look for with respect to success.

The question, people need to ask is “How do I gain new clients using social media tools?”  “Where are my current clients on these social media platforms?” ” What should my expectations be with respect to measuring my success using social media – Contacts, Page Views, New Accounts, Increased Sales.

mAiNTaIn yOuR fOcUs

Asking these questions will keep you focused on the right track. It is too easy to get caught up in a love for the tools. Right now, and each day you need to ask yourself how can I gain more clients and continue to keep my current clients.

Social media takes time and is only worthwhile if someone can effectively share more information about your company and the services and products it offers. You would not hand over the keys to your car to a stranger, why would you do the same with your marketing initiatives. Set your own course and direction and find people who will assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Picture via Robert Couse-Baker