Greeting People Online

Greeting People OnlineGreeters – You see them at Wal-Mart – Those people who stand by the door and say hello and welcome you to the store. For these people, it is their only job. I think it merits some good interaction with clients, but for the most they do not influence a buyer one way or another from my experience.  ………Fast forward to the future….   What if someone greeted you at the door and started telling you about some of the best store deals, or better yet listened to your questions about a location or availability of a product. Wouldn’t this be a value added position.   Now some of you are saying, well that is why our location does not have greeters. Yet, these same companies have auto-voice answering systems for their main phone number. My question is why?  Isn’t forcing a person to follow a canned voice message telling the client that they really aren’t important enough to talk to a person.

Now, think about your website. In this day and age, I don’t use the yellow pages, I conduct a search online to find the company I am looking for.. Often times this is what I find:

  • no company website
  • company website that has no phone or address information on the home page
  • no mention of a person’s name at the company
  • no mention of how to contact the company.

Look at your plan for greeting people!

  • Do you have your contact information listed on your website?
  • Do you answer the phone with a live person?
  • Do you have people who can talk to people on the phone and at the door?
  • Do you have your phone and address information listed on your website on the home page?
  • Is it easy for people to get a hold of you?

Never count out first-reactions. You may never get another chance.

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    This column is right on point. As a recording studio owner, a fair amount of my revenue is from recording phone menu prompts. Despite this, I much prefer having a real live person answer the phone. Think of it as treating your customers/clients/prospects the way you would want to be treated. I have yet to meet the person who prefers an automated greeting.

    There is a place for message on hold recordings – they can help inform your callers of what is new in your business and/or helpful tips to take advantage of in relation to your business. Additioonally, in this day of sketchy cell phone connections, hearing music and/or a message while on hold can reassure the caller that they have not lost their call.