The Right Social Media Focus

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The right social media focus Check out this article:

Facebook vs Google+ What’s the Best Social Network

This article looks at these two heavyweights and compares their features. It is interesting to see the comparison of the two products next to each other. You may agree/disagree with their findings. It is a pretty good article and lists some good reasons why one platform is better than the other.

Stop what you are doing and look at the next two statements.

Look at each category and ask yourself the following question

How do I maximize my time and effort to make Facebook and Google+ the best network for my company


Design – Is your information that you are sharing on your information tab cluttered? Have you thought about the information you want to present? Look at design from your company’s perspective and see if people would be interested in your company or not.

Posting – Are you sharing interesting content? Are you including media like videos and pictures? Are you commenting on other people’s/company’s pages.

Sharing Media – Are you sharing good media like informative videos or pictures of your processes or company activities? Are you taking advantage of the functionality included with Google+ and Facebook regarding video air-play and picture resolution.

Managing Friends – Do you have a plan for adding friends on Facebook and Google+? How effective are you at attracting the right friends on these platforms.

Entertainment – Is this really important to you and your company?

Mobile Are you thinking about keeping your message short and concise for mobile users? Do you have a mobile strategy?

Lessons Learned

It is easy to read articles like this and base your judgement on some criteria that someone else has developed.

The real key to success on Facebook and Google+ is  “YOU”

Take the time to learn how you can be effective in these areas mentioned above.

You do not have to be 100% in all of these areas to have success.

Each one of these areas take time and require monitoring, use your time wisely.