Create a Value Plan

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Vlue Plan MarketingDoes your marketing plan have a “VALUE” plan?

I came across this article, “Hotel CEOs talk about Wi-Fi and other tech issues” over the weekend and it really opened my eyes as to how the Hotel Industry is getting together to better serve its customers.

The article talks about items like:

  • offering free or value-added¬† internet service plans,
  • improving lobbies
  • listening to customer reviews
  • having a management presence in the lobby to personally great customers

Again, the emphasis on this article is adding value.

There is a lot of talk about cutting back on jobs and services with costs going up.

The bottom-line is we all need clients. Clients drive our business. Why not have a value plan?

At my company, I have started a value list, similar to an issues list, but I am working with our client services team to determine what types of value added services we could offer that will keep our current clients coming back to us.

Many times, we look to add new services when in fact if we spent that time looking to add more value to our current processes we could see a lot more return and it could give us ideas for future added value services.

Start your Value Plan today!¬† Do you currently have a “Value Plan” if so, I would invite you to share an example of how this process has helped your company.

Picture via Holidayextras