Invoke your Marketing & Management Style

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Invoke your Marketing StyleHave you ever looked at the definition of invoke? (Source Merriam-Webster Definition)

  • to petition for help or support
  • to appeal to or cite as authority
  • to call forth by incantation : conjure
  • to make an earnest request for : solicit
  • to put into effect or operation : implement
  • bring about, cause

Isn’t this what we should be doing as a manager or marketer.. Look at this list of bullet points. If you are invoking your Marketing or Management Style, you are putting into effect some type of support for implementation, solicitation or cause.

In everything we do each day at work, we should really try and make a difference. Make a difference with your clients, co-workers. Let people see who you are and how it cannot be separated from the work that you perform and the service you provide.

I am reading a book, “The Coming Jobs War” by Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup.  I highly suggest you read this book. I will be talking about it more in the future. Everyday, many of us should really be thankful for the great jobs that we have and how we have been given the tools to make a difference.

I am only a few pages into the book, but this though of making a difference really hit me as I think it does with all great leaders in our companies today. Review the list and really make sure you are not taking your position for granted and that you are truly making a difference today!

If you want a taste of this book, check out this video. I heard Mr. Clifton live last week and I was blown away by his message…

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Picture via Phil Sexton