Proper use of Marketing Tools and Platforms

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QR Code MarketingI see it too many times. People tell me that they are going to start a twitter account or use QR Codes and they spend all of this time learning about the technology and do not know how to make it work for them.  Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Social Media Platforms

Everyone is really jumping on the bandwagon of Pinterest. Is it a good thing for businesses or not. I think it could be a very useful tool for restaurants to showcase their food offerings or for selling retail items. For my business, we will update our  Midwest Laboratories Pinterest Profile a time or two, but I am not going to spend hours creating an oline photobook.

The same goes for Facebook. Do people really use Facebook like the yellow pages?  I have a company presence, Midwest Laboratories Company Page and share blog posts, but I don’t spend hours on it trying to gain new clients.


What about new technologies? When a new technology like QR Codes come out, we really need to think about this technology and decide if it is really a good way to use this technology. I recently saw this QR Code on the back of a van. Do people really have the time to pull out their smartphones and scan the code while they are driving.  I also see QR Codes on billboards too. Some people put QR Codes in their emails. How can people scan a QR Code when they read their email on their smartphone? Wouldn’t a link be a better approach?


Find the technology and platform that work for you!

Do not let people tell you what you should or should not be doing. The bottom-line is that you need to understand your clients and where they are finding your information.

In addition, for me the best way to learn about tools and platforms is to look at articles that focus on “application of these tools in different business sectors” If I can see a value in the “WAY” a company has used a particular tool or platform and it has produced results, that is a signal to me that I may need to take a closer look at these items. Let other people discover what works or does not work. Use your time wisely and focus on the marketing channels that work best for you and incorporate tools and platforms where it makes sens.

On a side note, I still believe blogging is the best way for me to stay in the loop with our clients and helps people find our company.  In addition, trade shows really help our company focus on a particular market that is receptive to our testing.  The worse thing you can do is fall in love with technology or platforms and lose focus as to how you will produce results using these technologies. If I really believed some of the articles that are posted on the internet, people would think I am crazy. There are a number of articles that say blogging is dead and trade shows are dead. If I am gaining new clients from these different areas why would I stop.