Selling on Social Media Sites

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Unique Selling Proposition / Unique Selling Point / USPThe last few days, a number of articles have been written regarding stores pulling up their e-commerce stores on Facebook. Is this really news to anyone?

I will admit in 2009, I tried setting up a company page with an e-store component. It failed miserably. After 3 months I took the e-store down and focused more on directing people to our company site and encouraging them to get in contact with us.

I learned a lot through this experience and it really showed me that there are no shortcuts when comes to selling. The rules are still the same, the only difference is the platforms. Below is a set of guidelines I use with respect to selling my companys’ services.

Listen to your clients and markets:  (Step 1)

Listen to where your clients are at.

Listen to the conversations that are happening.

Listen for consumer complaints, opinions and requests

Listen for topics central to people wanting your services

This is followed up by Selling: (Step 2)

Sell yourself/company as a leader in your industry.

Sell yourself/company as a person who provides regular updated content.

Sell yourself/person as a person who offers value to your clients.

Finally – Act  on your Listening and Selling objectives

Create great content on a regular basis

Look for ways to better service clients questions

Look for patterns with your consumers

Be a part of conversations, or better yet start a discussion.


With the right approach, you can sell your services on social media sites. If you perform these steps effectively, you will see results. I realize this is a very high-level approach, but if you take the items listed above and fill-in the details, you will see results. I know I have seen a lot of results using this approach. Selling is possible, don’t let people tell you otherwise. I would not be posting blog posts or communicating on social media sites if there was not a value in these processes. I have also learned through mistakes, like the Facebook e-store situation. It takes the right kind of selling to be successful on social media sites.

Picture via  PhotoSteve101