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social platformsToday, there is such a noise about social media

I came across this article by Todd Schnick, “10 Things Winners And Losers Do When A New Social Network Appears“, February 20, 2012

This article really looks at the attitudes in great deal and I have read this article several times. There are so many points made in this article and you can almost put a specific person into each category. It is a very good article and one that you should put into your saved articles bank for future reference.

My favorite point is the first point under the Winners category.

1. Winners take a quick look at a new platform, dive in, and check it out. They experiment. They test. And they make a quick judgement about whether it will move the needle for their brand and their business. And, they do this without a lot of fanfare. If they seem to be talking about it, they are not. You see, what you are really seeing is them communicating with real people. This is called conversation. This is how most successful people build their business. Source 10 Things Winners And Losers Do When A New Social Network Appears

Testing, experimenting and getting your hands dirty. There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to using social media. You have to develop a way to make it work for you and your brand. Read the 10 items under the loser sections to discover the countless excuses and misinformation.

Finally, communicating with real people. This is the hardest lesson to learn with respect to social media. It is really all about the conversation. How are you using social media? Are you finding ways to start the conversation initially on social media?In the end you need to find out who to connect with and determine if you are developing connections with the right people on each platform.

Again, read Todd’s article and see where your views toward social media stand. Are you a winner or a loser?

Great article Todd!

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