30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

Personal Development Time – Sometimes we need to do a little reflecting from time to time

Are you looking at some changes to make in your personal and professional life. Usually in March we look back and evaluate how we are coming along on the New Year Resolutions that we made. If you are like me, you started out with great intentions, but for one reason or another it did not work out and now you have just given up or put that particular goal or resolution on the back burner. If this isn’t the case for you, “My Congratulations”.  Yesterday, I came across this blog post from Matt Cutts, “New 30 Day challenge – No News”

Here is a short snippet from the post.

– In December 2011, I decided to do an act of kindness or a good deed a day for 30 days. You can read all the different things I did my “act of kindness” Google+ post. It was a really rewarding month, although coming up with something to do every day was kind of stressful (I ended up falling back on giving money or tips more often than I wanted). I definitely noticed my mindset shift–I started looking for nice things to do. It was good to give myself permission to say “yes” to people more often, too. I liked my behavior more this month.

– In January 2012, I tried to draw something every day. My *goal* was that I would pay more attention to creativity and my right brain in 2012: drawing, learning guitar, singing lessons, etc. In *practice*, this was a disastrous failure. I lasted for about 6-7 days, then slipped while on vacation, and never got back into the habit. I want to be the sort of person who draws, but even with a 30 day challenge pushing me, I didn’t actually do it. I need to do some deep thinking about why I didn’t participate in this activity, which I thought I was enthusiastic about.

Only one word to describe this,


I really like this philosophy of focusing on one particular task for 30 days straight. I think it would open up a whole new world of thinking and be more of a refreshing experience.

Next Steps: Homework Assignment (Define some 30 Day Strategies)

I was brainstorming some ideas: (This is a work in process..)


Read more information on particular companies.

Organize a different part of my office each day.

Send a card to one business contact each day


Watch only 30 minutes of TV a day

Take 10 minutes and talk to my wife each day – “No distrations: TV, News, Internet” “Quality Time” Added 3/17/2012

Spend time talking each day organizing an area in the house.

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