Google Changes are great for Content Marketers

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Google ZMOTI know a number of people are really sweating over the new changes that Google has in store.  There are many articles talking about Google getting tough with over-optimized websites. For me, I would rather focus on the positive. First of all, if you loaded your site with keywords in the background and performed black-hat seo techniques, you should be scared.

If you want a little more information, check out this news piece on the story.

If you were like me, and focused more on the content on your site, then I applaud you and I want to give you some more advice. Don’t stop and don’t get caught up in all the talk about the changes coming from Google. Instead focus on

ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth  – – This concept was introduced by Google in June 2011. If you have not downloaded the free, ZMOT  e-book, you really should. Lots of great information in this e-book and ways to help integrate your social and search strategies together.

This quote by Kim Kadlec sums up ZMOT and how we as marketers should embrace this new era of technology and constant change.

“What we face now is a pace of change that is unprecedented.Major innovations that used to change our lifestyles maybe once or twice in a generation, we’re seeing that now almost on an annual basis.
So what needs to be top of mind for all marketers, no matter how established their brand is, is to stay relevant among our consumers. We have to think about how the lives of our end users are changing, whether that end user is a consumer, a patient, a doctor or anyone else.  And to remain relevant we need to be part of their new ecosystem.”
— Kim Kadlec
Worldwide Vice President
Global Marketing Group
Johnson & Johnson”

Source:  ZMOT eBook Page 37, June 2011

For Content Marketers, these new changes are a marketers dream because we produce content that is worth value to our readers and can be shared with others via word of mouth online through social media sites.  It is an exciting time to be a marketer.

I invite you toheck out this video from a company who has implemented ZMOT Principles. Maybe you can relate to the company representative who is featured in this video. Notice how well she integrates her marketing strategy across channels to ultimately meet her customer’s needs.

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