Invitation to Connect (A study)

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Social Media InvitationToday, I am working on the topic of “Invitations” – What platforms work best for professionals to invite others to connect with them.

As many of you know from reading this site, connecting with people is the key to success on social media platforms.

Here are my objectives:

  • I want to find the best ways to connect with other major social media players?
  • Which platforms are most open to invitations to connect with other marketing people?
  • I am seeking input, “comments” on ways others have used invitations to connect with each other?
  • My hypothesis is that certain platforms are more open to invites and this is a result of the people who connect on these sites.
  • The wording on invitations is the key

I am using a simple, Linkedin Poll to conduct this research and keep people informed of the results.  Feel free to share the Linkedin Poll with others.

Past Posts

I have talked about connecting with the right people in the past. I have also talked about your brand influence on social media sites.

Today’s study | I want to see if people are open to invitations on social media.

If you I would also invite you to connect with me on a regular basis. I invite you to connect with me on other social media sites: