Marketing everyday!

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marketing everyday

Some interesting reads today:

Maybe today you read the news about Newt Gingrich firing half of his staff and resorting more to social media to spread information about his campaign. I will be interested to see where this new direction takes him with respect to the Republican Convention.

I also read another article that made reference to the fact that in today’s world, we are performing marketing tasks on a daily basis in addition to our larger marketing/promotion projects.

Marketing occurs everyday

The point here is that everyday, we need to spend time analyzing our marketing message and keep the communication going with our emails, phone calls, blogs and social media communications. This process never stops…It is a continuous process.

It takes time to build relationships with new clients and it takes even more time to keep these clients engaged and in tune with what is happening at your company. Building brand awareness is an everyday marketing event which starts with a product or service that offers value to your clients and the service or value is backed up with quality work and a great customer service staff.

How are you achieving your daily marketing objectives?

Some questions to think about.

  • Do you have marketing objectives? – One of the best ways is to monitor the number of people who are accessing your website or blog site.
  • How many people are leaving comments or asking questions? – People are hungry for more information and want prompt answers.
  • How many phone calls are you receiving regarding current service or new accounts? – We track our phone calls and resolve issues and setup new accounts daily.
  • How many client issues are resolving each day? – Resolving issues is the key to keeping good clients coming back.

In the end all of these actions call for marketing to occur and great companies understand this and analyze this information. The findings may indicate a need to step it up in certain areas or spend more/less money in certain areas. Hopefully, you have resources to work with and you are not trying to do all of this on your own. In any case, you need to work at it every day.

Picture via Timothy Boyd