Blogging – The 21st Century Conversation

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Blogging - New ConversationWhat is your view of blogging?

  • Do you read the latest statistics and believe blogging is dead!
  • Do you look at blogging as too much work!
  • Do you see blogging as a waste of time!

Let me offer one other you another opinion.

I believe blogging transcends communication to a new level.

Think of  Blogging as “the 21st century conversation”

The benefits of this conversation are many:

Personal – The message is targeted to a specific group of clients and new clients who have an interest in your company’s products or services. You can expound a little more about your expertise.

Control – You as the blog writer are in control of your subject matter. You can talk about the specifics as an expert. You control your own content.

Create Advocates – Through the use of social media, in a matter of minutes, you can place your story in the hands of your readers and followers on social media platforms like twittter, facebook, google+ and others.  Other people will give you instant feedback and decide if your story warrants further discussion or not.

Search Traffic – By creating updated content, your presence online will improve immensely and your conversation never gets old, it is recorded forever. Some conversation mediums are a one and done moment like a radio or television ad. Through search, your topic remains  alive.

Blogging is a lot of work and it isn’t for everyone.  I have written blog posts for over two years and the payoff has been phenomenal. I see it in the comments left on my posts as well as comments/questions that come in by phone or email to our client services staff. It is exciting to hear about new clients who found our information online as the result of information posted from our blog site.

My point here is that it is easy to listen to the noise that blogging is dead and that it is a waste of time. It is only a waste of time, if you cannot see the whole picture. Once you see the whole picture as outlined by the benefits, you will see that it is the real difference and it is a conversation that is indeed ahead of its time.

Picture via Sean MacEntee