Experiencing a Marketing Retreat Today

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Hudson, WisconsinThink Creative, Create the Plan for the Big Ideas, Execute the Plan

Today, I will be writing, listening and trying things out as a a client. I am going to ask lots of questions, look at different strategies and put all of this information together in a plan and presentation at my company.


I am thinking big… I mean really big.

I need to think more like my customers and less like an insider.

Have you downloaded the app Do or Die – This book can only be found as an app. I am listenting to it in the background as I write this post and work on some writing.

I am hoping to interview and meet some people who are selling products and services.  I am really looking at the whole experience and see what takeaways I can get from this experience.


I have pages and pages of notes. I am trying to look at ideas from different sources and experiences and I put them together into a plan for our team.

I also plan on collecting some more thoughts and notes on the way other companies are reaching out to potential clients and how successful they are at their own strategies.


My goal is to have a plan in place by tomorrow that I can test and run by some of my closest friends. Presentation of these ideas is so critical. I also need to constantly refine this plan to make it as a simple and easy to remember as I can.

Final Thoughts

Do you ever get out and look at other markets. I learn the most by getting out of my own industry and by looking at other people and businesses to see how they operate and the type of service they provide.

Picture via Dougtone