Social Media Metrics that Matter

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social media metricsCheck out this article, “5 Social Media Metrics That Matter Now”  by Debra Donston-Miller

The article looks at the following 5 metrics

  1.  Quality of Fans/Followers – You want to follow the right people, who in turn become your advocates.
  2. Social Demographics – Finding your clients online and learn what matters to them is very important.
  3. Most Popular Pages, posts and tweets – Find out what people want and be the expert in a particular niche.
  4. Page views and click-throughs – Be aware of what is working and what is not working when it comes to content.
  5. Conversion – Are people calling in or buying products/services from your site.

The article looks at these 5 metrics in detail and gives good examples.

I would also add the following metrics:

  • Track your sales and number  of new clients. You will be surprised at the type of clients that are looking for products or services that you provide.
  • Track your phone calls. Our call volume has increased since we became active with blogging and social media
  • Track your search terms through analytics: Find out which words or phrases are being used to find your company. This information will help you write better content and look for specific markets.

Tracking metrics is the key to a successful social media strategy and it always helps to come across articles like the one mentioned here to get new ideas for gauging your success.

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