Teaching Marketing Concepts to our Children

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Teaching Marketing Concepts to our ChildrenSometimes I get the question at home from my children, “Dad what exactly do you do?” My response typically is, “Son/Daughter – Each day dad is trying to serve current clients and look for ways to attract new clients – It’s all about people”

To a child, this may not make a whole lot of sense, but as my kids get older, the questions keep coming. I was reminded of this last night when my 7th Grade Daughter asked me how to link a YouTube video to her Powerpoint presentation. We looked at her presentation slide, and linked some key words to the appropriate YouTube video. My daughter thought I was very smart.

Other times, I have heard my kids tell their grandparents on occasion that all dad does is play on Twitter and Facebook all day. I want that type of job when I grow up.

My kids range in age from 10 to 16 and they are starting to look at college and career choices. However, do they really understand what dad does each day as a Marketing Director.

This is my challenge… I have taken this initiative very seriously and I want them to understand what I do.  I am actively trying to tell them and show them what I am doing on Social Media sites and email so they have a better understanding of why marketing is such a necessary part of business and life. I have really found that by telling my kids about basic marketing ideas, they have been able to learn more about their own personal branding and have used these principles to excel in the classroom and in their activities. We really need to tell our kids more and give them the tools in the area of marketing to help further their educational and career development.

Here are some of the items I have shared with them. (Mix in Business and School – Find ways they can incorporate Marketing into their everyday lives)

  • Make sure that you are seizing your opportunity as an athlete. Look your coach in the eye when he is talking and make sure you prove to him that you are working harder than the rest of your teammates. If you want more playing time, you have to separate yourself from your peers in some way. (Example: If the others are not going all out on a particular defensive drill, seize the opportunity and show the coach that you care about defense) Personal Branding is all about you and stays with you for a lifetime.
  • Make sure that you are different in some way from the other students. Pay attention in class and show interest in the teacher’s subject. Try to learn something everyday.  (Listening is a huge part of Marketing)
  • In  business always try to find out what the needs of the clients are. If you can find out what their needs are in the beginning, you can formulate a plan to exceed their expectations. ( If you are in a conversation with adults, listen attentively you never know what dividends it could play down the road.
  • Social Media is about informing people about your company, showing interest in their work and looking for opportunities to connect. (It is not always about selling)
  • Make sure you question content you read on the internet, get another opinion. Same is true for media news. Always seek out the truth behind numbers.  (Whether its topics presented in class, articles from internet sites or media, always question the information and raise discussion.
  • Make sure you work at becoming a good writer.  Writing is getting lost with all of the modern texting devices. Keep a journal and document new ideas and goals you have. This is a skill that few people keep over time.

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. I really believe, we as Marketing Directors should tell our children more about the work we perform and give them some principles that will help them as they advance in their education and careers. If you have some additional thoughts on this topic, I would encourage you to share them.

 Picture via  KellyB