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Social Media CEOThe CEO needs to be the voice and focus of the company to the outside audience. It is important that your social media presence start at the top or near the top.  If the CEO is not interested in Social Media, he/she needs to appoint someone, preferably at the executive level to oversee the writing  of blogs and posting of information on social media sites. In my case as the Marketing Director, I try to represent the CEO’s thoughts and direction as a part of every blog post.

I propose this scenario because I see a lot of companies will share responsibility for writing their company blogs. A team approach can work, but someone needs to be the primary editor.  I follow a number of company blogs and the best company blogs are those that have a personal feel and reflect a single voice for the company.

Think about it, would you want to follow the Steve Jobs Team or Steve Jobs, himself. If your company blog is not getting the traction it needs, maybe it is time to think about who the writers are and pick a primary person.

Just a thought for today….

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  1. Brent Pohlman says

    Having a blog position from a CEO position speaks volumes. You get to hear and see the face of the company.

    As far as facebook or twitter or blog, you really have to decide for yourself. I think a blog is essential for success in social media. It is the starting place. Deciding on the other social media platforms is really up to you.


  2. hiam says

    thanks Brent
    If I’m not wrong, you mean If want to make blog to market company I should be the single voice for the company. and that require to be close to the CEO and know more about his thought’s, but is this means I’ll be the only one who write in blog.
    I have anther question, which more effective for marketing facebook or twitter or blog
    thanks again

  3. Brent Pohlman says


    Thanks for your comments!

    Content from a reputable position in the company speaks volumes. I think this topic will get more press in the future as companies figure this out.


  4. says

    You make a great point here, Brent.

    Some companies get often inexperienced employees to direct their social media marketing, unaware of the potential that’s being wasted.

    As you know, social media can be an enormously powerful tool for any business’ marketing and customer services. It needs to be handled correctly, by people who know what they are doing.

    Thanks for bringing this topic up. More people need to ‘get’ this.

    Thanks Brent!