Be aware of socialcam and viddy on Facebook

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Social Media WarningPlease, Please read this article. (This could save you a lot of Embarrassment in the Future) 

“Why I Hate Socialcam, Even If It Might Be the Next Instagram”

It is a must read and Mr. Robert Hof offers a huge bit of warning for all of you.

Viddy and Socialcam are bully applications.

This spring you may have seen a number of people who post funny, stupid videos using this application. First off, the only way to view the videos is to give these applications complete access to your personal profile. Then, after viewing the stupid video or somewhat inappropriate video, the application lets all of your friends and followers know that you viewed it.   Not good!!!!

Some of my friends who are owners and CEOs of companies have showed up on my Facebook Wall as watching some really horrible videos.

Again, I know these people and I know that they are only wanting to see watch the video, and they do not want their names attached to a stupid video.

My advice is to avoid these applications at all costs. If you do happen to view one of these videos, quickly go into your settings and delete the application and associated posts before the possible damage with respect to the relationships with your friends and family are impacted.