How many ID’s should you have on Social Media

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Social Media ID'sThere is a lot of debate about how many ID’s should you really have. I have gone back and forth on this topic too.

One Personal ID -representing yourself  with a note about a company РOption 1

One Company ID – representing the company and a specific person who is employed by the company. Option 2

Personal ID and Company ID separate – Two separate accounts. A contact and complete bio is necessary for this to work.

Ultimately, my decision wast to have separate ID’s for personal profile ¬† and company profile

Here are my reasons

  1. The Company ID needs to be owned by a senior manager of the company. Someone who will be with the company for a long time.
  2. Personal ID – Allows you to connect with people outside of work and follow others with similar interests in addition to your company. It is more personal, but it is also good to learn more about marketing initiatives being enacted in other companies and industries.
  3. In addition, it helps you create consistency on other sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter which allow people to build company profiles and pages.

Two id’s are plenty. I thought about creating profiles for different types of company services or markets I would like to target but decided against it. The fous needs to be on the company or the face of a company. If you spread that brand over other services and/or products, it might dilute the conversation. (Just my observation)

On your company ID, please put your phone number of email address. This little task will let people know how to connect with you outside of social media sites..

On your personal ID, give people a reason to connect with you. I also think you should put your Work Title somewhere if you are wanting to connect with business people.

Create a strategy for your ID’s. This will help you stay focused with respect to your conversations and postings. It will also be easier to measure success.

Finally, make connections one at a time..Don’t use automated software. I might not recognize you. Remember last weeks post regarding “Quality Twitter People” The same is true on other platforms as well. Personal connections rule, automated connections are nothing more than more numbers.

Picture via sweetonveg