Social Media without blogging is dead!

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social media without blogging is dead

Your faced with the following dilemma – You are in a room with other partners and directors and you as the marketing director need to convince your peers that social media is a worth-while marketing medium.

A number of you may fall into this category. Maybe you have been tasked with getting your company on social media, but you are having a hard time seeing results.

Here is my advice!

Show them your blog and the effort you have put into your blog. Social Media starts with your blog site/page.  If you did not have a blog as part of your social media plan, I am sorry your efforts may possibly fruitless. Do you really want to convince your peers that going from 200 Likes to 500 Likes has increased business some 20% or so. This is very hard to justify. How is this any different than clicks and an ad on Google Adwords.

Show your peers a years worth of effort and I guarantee you that you will see results. For one, you just created pages and pages of key-word searchable content that is not going away.

Show people how you share your blog content with your audience on Facebook Company Pages, Linkedin Company Pages, Google+ Company Pages and Twitter.Show them the actual posts. People understand advertising and communicating. Also, most of these people have never seen your company on one of these sites.

Show people some of the quality people who follow you and  your company.. Oh by the way, if you are using one of those automated follower programs, this could be very embarrassing. How do you explain to your boss and co-horts that you follow everyone.

Finally, have people look at your blog site/page and compare it to your company website using Google Analytics.

Most people get to your company website by searching the name of your company or your industry followed by a location.

Show them how people are finding your company through key word phrases. Show them which social media platforms you are receiving the most for your blog content.

Please only perform the above if you have maintained a blog for over a year.

There is still a lot of education that is needed in this area, but if you have done your homework, the results will speak for themselves. Blogging makes all the difference with social media. If you are not blogging or creating fresh content, you are headed down a long road of frustration and constant justification. If you have not started blogging, begin today its never too late.

Picture via bennylin0724