Very Unscientific Social Media Study – 2012

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unscientiic social media pollIs your head swirling from all of the social media statistics that are publicized each day? We learn that certain platforms are gaining new people by the millions and how traffic on other sites has gone up or down depending on which article you read. I am waiting for more professionals who use these tools on a regular basis to share their results from their experiences. To me, this information would be 1) very credible information because its based on experience and 2) very interesting, because I think we would see a wide array of users.

Because of this, I am introducing my own” based on my experiences

“Very Unscientific Social Media Study- 2012 

…Why you might ask?

…Because its actual results from my experience!

Linkedin Findings

  • For the best return on investment, take advantage of the Questions and Answers functionality. Get fast results to your business questions.
  • Groups are great for adding new, quality connections. Conversations on Groups take a lot of time.
  • Updated your profile periodically and your status daily for connecting with people on Linkedin.

Twitter Findings

  • Make sure you are active everyday.
  • The Activity Button on Tweetdeck can really help you see if the people you are following are quality people.
  • If you post great content, people will respond in a big way.

Pinterest Findings

  • Ladies are the audience here and they are great at leaving comments and repinning your pictures
  • Type in your blog post url and Pinterest will find your pictures.

Facebook Findings

  • No one actively seeks out company pages on Facebook, your challenge is to make sure your company posts show up on their walls.
  • Resharing company posts occasionally can help you attract more Likes
  • Facebook mobile is where I see the most links to my sites


  • I wish it would catch on more…
  • The Personal Profile Picture connected to your content is huge for better search results.
  • Adding quality people is challenging.
  • Stay active, but don’t go overboard.


  • Blogging is where it begins with me for social media.
  • Create great content and share it through these channels
  • Keyword and Search are still alive. People still use Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for information.

Social Media Results

  • Average time on Social Media sites per business day.
  • Blogs – 1 hour – – mostly at night
  • Twitter/Linkedin/Google+ – 30 minutes
  • Average number of tweets per day  – 10

Other Marketing Channels (Social Media is one piece of a great strategy)

  • Trade shows  – Booths at 50-60 shows per year
  • Personal Letters – Sending out more in 2012 with above average success
  • Brochures – Educational and promotional – People like concise information
  • Answering Phone – Live Voices help people connect better and increase chance of new account ocurring

What is the ROI  of social media and other marketing channels?

  • Adding new clients everyday at our company (The numbers don’t lie)
  • Average 5- 10 inquiries on our company website
  • 500 – 700 phone calls received each week
  • Increased Revenues
  • More brand awareness
  • More Advocates for our company – articles in newspapers, retweets, links to blog articles.

 Picture via Ralph Unden