A Different PPC Marketing Concept

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Personal Professional CompanyPPC – The first time you see these letters as an online marketer, you immediately thinkg PAY-PER-CLICK. It is engrained in our brain from the last five years.

Well, I have a new spin on these letters.

Personal – Professional – Company  = New PPC

These three words are the way things I focus on with respect to marketing and communicating online through social media platforms as well as other communication channels like email, phone and face-to-face meetings.

Personal – It all starts with passion and accountability. I really love the work that I do and I know it starts with being interested in others and providing content that people will read and find an interest in. It also involves making a determined effort to learn more from the people you work with and the people you serve.

Professional – All communication must stay professional. I keep this in mind when talking about personal information as well as company information. If you stay above the noise and act in an ethical manner, you will always be successful. A lot of listening takes place in this category. Staying professional and respecting others is the only way to conduct business.

Company – It all comes down to having a purpose and for getting a return on your investment. I have goals in place to help drive my actions toward company goals. If the company is not making a profit and growing, then I am not doing my job. Again, this means marketing both internally and externally. I connect on a daily basis with our employees in the lab and the client service staff to insure that we are meeting client needs with respect to our analysis and reports. In addition, clients and readers are hungry for good information about you and your company. People want transparency and to understand that a company really cares about their own needs and is willing to serve them as people and not just another figure. <Have a reason for posting if you want to see a return> People understand this!

It takes a team effort. Some marketeers get caught up in the number of hits to their site or clicks on an advertisement. There is so much more to it. If you currently use PPC advertisements, please don’t forget this. If you have used PPC advertisements and have moved onto social media or other online marketing resources; again, don’t forget these concepts.

Your Takeaway

All three of these words is a part of “You”.  The goal here is for you to find a way to make this concept work for you.

I use two different id’s on Twitter and Facebook. One for my company and one for myself. Ultimately, my personal brand represents what I do in all three categories.  <This  was the key for me!> It all starts with connecting with people. People are more apt to connect with people than they are brands. That is ok in my book! It means that people have to represent their company bands at the highest level and I think the PPC concept gives me a focus on how to do that.  Just my thoughts for what it is worth!  My goal was to give you something to think about.

PPC -Personal, Professional, Company – It is a great approach to get everyone on the same page and it helps you, the marketing resource to better stay connected with your clients and employees.