The Move to Communities on Google Plus

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Google Plus CommunitiesToday is the day, I move my community interaction to Google Plus

Marketing Executives Community on Google Plus

I have looked at several communities on Google Plus over the past month and I have really liked what I have found. People are interacting with each other. Moderators are actually monitoring discussions and good, solid, valuable information is being shared.

Moving away from Facebook

I have tried Facebook Pages to help facilitate communication  These type of pages work well for closed-groups like organizations. I have tried setting up groups and pages and in both circumstances the conversation is very limiting and growing it is very difficult. I really believe it is because people do not think about going to groups or pages unless a notification is received. In addition, people usually type in text for conversation sake. Rarely, is there any sharing of articles or links back to a blog site. I have found these type of shares are not well received, because Facebook is more for talking and commenting and less about sharing great ideas.

Moving away from Linkedin

Linkedin Groups are more on the extreme. It is typically the same people that share information and most of the time and either the group is very active or not. Usually the first week generates the most traffic and then it dies down over time. I still belong to a few, but I only have so much time and I have found the daily updates to be more interesting than belonging to a specific group.

The reasons I am moving to Google Plus

  • Great Leadership – Great People are setting up great communities
  • Communities are always on a person’s radar screen on Google Plus
  • Google Plus is all about “Search”
  • Google Plus is coming back in a big way from a social standpoint
  • More people are migrating to Google Plus and sharing information
  • The Google Plus Mobile Application is much better than Facebook’s mobile application
  • Google is Google. – It keeps reinventing itself and it has learned form its mistakes: Remember Google Buzz?

You should check out Google Communities and see if you can find a community that would be beneficial to you both personally and professionally.

When was the last time you talked about joining a group or fan page on Facebook. Last time I looked Fan Pages had been renamed Place Pages. Maybe there was a reason for this.

What are your thoughts about Google Plus Communities?

photo credit: west.m via photopin cc