Integrating Social Media with other Media is the Key!

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Integrating Social MediaI think finally the love of social media is dying off a bit. Then, again, I will attend a luncheon or a conference session, and once again the cry for more social media marketing is announced. The presenters tell the attendees that if they are not counting their likes or increasing their followers, they are not being sucessful.

After working with social media platforms, I have really found the key to success is “Integration”. Integration of social media into other forms of marketing media and business processes is the key to success. At some point, I think the term social media will go away and people will once again refer more to the internet as a whole rather than social media.

Here are some great ways to integrate social media into your current marketing media and your business processes.

Brochures: Making reference with how to connect with users and where to find additional information

Content Marketing: Integrating Twitter with associated content on websites and blog sites.

Tradeshow Marketing: Social Media can be really effective using the tradeshow hashtag. A great way to connect personally with attendees at a conference.

Client Service: Servicing accounts is the key to transforming social media contacts and connecting them directly to people at your company.

Invitations: Inviting people to use your services or giving them access to more information, easy sign-up forms and promotions.

Job recruiting: Using social media as a way to find out more about a person is just plain smart business.

Developing New Leads: Learn more about new clients and find out who the key decision-makers are.

Keeping in Contact with Current Clients: Always look for ways to keep connected with your clients. Lots of information online, social media is a great place to learn more.

Social Media isn’t the answer, its part of the system. It really comes down to how well are you integrating social media into your workplace. The overall focus should be sales, new accounts and retaining current accounts. With this mindset, you should be working to integrate social media into your other business processes.

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