Are you confusing Google?

Google UpdatesAre you frustrated with your Google Search Rankings? Are you resisting the changes which Google is proposing? Maybe it’s time to take a close look at your own sites and see why your current actions may be confusing to Google.  (Just a Thought)

If you take a hard look at your sites, you will be faced with the facts that Google is pushing you to change the way your sites are viewed on Google and it may be time for some chagnes. These changes are difficult and time-consuming, but I hope others can benefit from the information I am shairng in this post.

Here are some of the changes I have made in 2014.

  • Deleted a number of complimentary websites that link to our company site.
    • From 2007 – 2012, it was cool to have domain names that were associated with keyword search terms and Google used to recognize these sites.
    • Today, these sites were getting few hits if any and most had dropped down from their previous first page positions.
    • Google wants your company site and trusted content authors. Make sure your content is recognized on main sites and leave the rest behind unless most of your traffic comes from Bing or Yahoo.
  • Deleted curreent Google+ Company Page and installed new Google+ Company Page
    • This was a tough change for me. I lost a number of subscribers. I introduced a company page when they were first available, the problem in the last few months is that Google wanted to integrate Google Places, Google+ Company Page and YouTube together. I initially fought this move, but decided it would be in my best interest to follow Google and make sure I did not have duplicate content.
    • Google wants companies to be a part of Google My Business
  • Deleted Company YouTube Account
    • Another tough change. Google wants to integrate YouTube with Google+.
    • Build your YouTube Channel through your Google+ Company Page so the two are integrated.
  • Google Authorship – Very important  part of this whole process
    • Make sure your sites are associated with a specific person who is in charge of content for the site.
    • If you are a content marketer, consider writing for your company and for yourself. (Google will recognize you)
    • Google+ is gaining traction.  Do you have the new mobile app, “My Business” – rich with analytics – ties Google Analytics and Google+ together.
  • Google Webmaster Tools  – Invest some time and resolve issues with your site.
    • I wasn’t aware of how important this step was. Clean up your site and make sure your sites are mobile friendly. (Can’t ignore this any longer.

These changes are tought ones to make, but in the end, what is your goal. If your goal is to be in organic search, you need to make these changes. Google has made a number of things confusing by issuing new applications over the past few years, but now, Google is reeling back and integrating its applications together. I am not agreeing with all of these changes, but ultimately I want our company to be easily found on Google and by making this critical decision to follow the Google Roadmap, I believe I will be able to have our site readily indexed and in the end, it will be a win-win for our company.

I welcome your comments and let me know of other steps you have taken with respect to this topic

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Get Interested in Other People’s Work

Be interested in othersCan you relate to this?

Do you ever go through times of writing where you just can’t find good, quality words or content that you think your readers will be interested in? It happens to all good writers. If you have been blogging for an extended period of time, (more than 2 years) you will find times where the words are just not coming to you or you can’t get excited about your own articles and topics.

It is during these times, that I take a break and read more about what other people are writing. It also helps me discover some areas that I want to write more about and areas I definitely want to stay away from because there is so much information on that particular topic.

Here is the process I go through in looking at other people’s work.

I start with Twitter – I follow some great people here and I like to dig deeper and read more of their tweets and better yet, more of their original posts on their websites. In addition, I will check and see if any of these people can be found giving a similar presentation on YouTube.

From here, I look at some of the major marketing, content marketing and social media conferences and I check out the speakers who are presenting and I dig deeper into the content they post on social media and better yet on their own websites.

The next part of the process is to increase engagement.

Basically, I try to acknowledge people on Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ by commenting on some of the articles and information they have posted. This helps me develop rapport with people and keeps my name fresh with people I come in contact with.

Finally, I put together my list of trending topics and better yet topics that people are not addressing.

This type of information is what really drives me. I don’t want to talk about topics that everyone else is talking about. I want to write about information that few people read about.


To be an interesting person, means getting outside of yourself and always learning. The best way to do this is to be interested in other people’s work. No one person has all the answers, and frankly too many people do not take the time to stop and discover other people’s content. So when people take note of the content you provide, you should really considerate this quite an accomplishment in today’s world and make sure you thank people for taking the time to read your information and stay connected to you.  In order to be an interesting person, you need to reciprocate and be interested in their work as well.

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Marketing Strategy – Social Media Example

Marketing StrategyCheck out this video about marketing strategy. It gives a great overview of how you should think with respect to your marketing initiatives. If you break it down, the process is really quite simple.

Where to Play and How to Win

Building on this video and applying it to Social Media I will tell you how I think:

Where to Play
Our company has limited the platforms to Linkedin, Twitter, GooglePlus and a little Facebook.

How to Win
We use a content strategy as indicated in a prior post, Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time. In addition, it really helps to start with content on a blog page or company website.

Finding ways to be different than your competitors is the key. What I am finding is if your company posts content on a regular basis, you are already providing a service that most of your competition is not doing.

Producing the right content is a huge advantage. This means sharing quality information for our company and wrtiing about topics that only a few people might be interested in. There is too much general information out there.

Being transparent. Many companies do not list names of their employees or their phone or address information on their website. Also, listing price information is also a differential factor. Many people purchase items like cars for example by comparing features and prices online. From here, they take that information with them to the auto showrooms because they have done their homework first.

Client Service. – I can’t stress how important servicing clients is, but it can make all the difference.

This is a short list, what other items would you add?

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Narrow Your Audience

Narrow Your AudienceIf you want success on social media, follow fewer people and become more successful. It sounds a bit backwards and a number of social media experts would vehemently disagree with me and this approach.

The truth is I really do not want to follow everyone on Twitter that I come in contact with. I want to follow people for three reasons:

Connect Professionally – Other Marketers, Execs and CEOs
Connect via Industry – Agriculture, Environmental, Food, Feed and Fuel
Connect with Interesting People – Geeks, Inventors, Rising Executives, Young People, Mentors, Managers, Strong Valued People

When you make this decision, you really stop worrying about counts and you see the real benefits to using social media. Obviously some platforms are also better than others. I generally use Linkedin, Twitter and GooglePlus, (trying). Facebook for me is more about personal relationships and friends.

The results of this process are evident in the kind of phone calls, web inquiries and general conversations I have with people on a daily basis. I don’t get 1,000 phone calls or 5,000 hits to my website. What I typically get is about 10 phone calls inquiring about sales, 30-50 web hits from people representing some of the companies and industries I want to do business with.

Which would you rather have: A higher Klout score, 10 – 30 new followers a day or more of the “right” people contacting you and inquiring about doing business with you.

I know this process may seem like a backwards approach to you and many social media people will argue with my approach, but in the end I would rather be measuring dollars and cents versus likes and followers.

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Personal Branding in 2014

Personal BrandThis year many people are trying to keep up with the latest techniques with respect to content marketing, social media, seo, Google Hummingbird, mobile marketing and other topics. I believe one area that people are not spending enough time is personal branding.

Right now people are fleeing their old website and spending more and more time on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus reposting news information. Right now there is so much broadcasting of information going on that it is almost a turnoff to me to check out information posted on Twitter, Linkedin or GooglePlus.

Here is why personal branding is critical.

  • People do business with people
  • Companies are only good as the people who represent them
  • People make the difference with a company’s success

As an executive with a major company, I have seen my personal brand rise as a result of my connection with the company I work for. In addition, I have seen how important it is today to make sure people recognize who you are and connect you with the company you represent.

For me it is about passion. You have to have some drive and be excited to come to work and see your company grow. In addition, you need to be accountable to your employees and clients and make sure you are working toward meeting their needs and finally you need to give back in some way, by sharing your story with others. In addition, it is important to listen to other people’s stories and learn more about the way they view things.

Your personal brand can be communicated in different ways. I prefer Linkedin. I think it is important to share an update each day with the people I am connected with. In addition, it is important to update your profile each month or at least every quarter. Are you aware that if you update your profile, an email is sent to each one of your connections in the background. This process helps you keep your personal brand in front of others. In addition, it is important to read what other people are sharing and add a comment or two after reading something. Also, I like to endorse people for different skill sets. Here again, it shows that you are trying to stay connected.

On Twitter, I like to add a link to this blog post and retweet news or information that I have found to be helpful. Engaging is an overused term. I think mentions are great. If someone mentions something I have posted,  it is imperative that I recognize and thank them for taking time to comment about something I posted.

I am still working on building my personal brand on Google Plus. I connect with a few people, but I think the platform is very time-consuming to use and post. Just my opinion. Facebook is for friends and family. I am not looking to build my personal brand on Facebook.

For 2014, Personal Branding is right up there with content marketing. People need to know where there content is coming from and people are going to start looking more and more at the source of their content to determine if the source is reliable or not. I see this topic being a growing trend this year and in the future.

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What’s Next After Social Media?

What's next for Social MediaAs I talk to my friends in the industry, I see a lot of chatter that social media has overtaken companies as the prime way to market a company. Combine social media with SEO, a Content Management Strategy and some other online tools and you have the perfect system.  Meanwhile…many companies are looking at the future and are starting to look in a better direction.

This direction is “Connecting one-on-one with clients”. This direction is where companies need to go if they are really going to make a difference in the future. Right now, people are so inundated with data and tweets and posts and shares of data on their mobile devices and on social media platforms. I actually believe people are tuning out all the noise and are actually reading less and less information.

People want “simple, straight-forward messages” – This ultimately means all of us as marketers need to work on our “message” to our clients. The message starts by connecting closer to our clients. What do clients want to hear? Do they want to hear more information about a company, or do they want to hear information that exceeds their current needs? I would argue that companies need to do a better job of getting the right information to their followers, both clients and potential clients. Tools like social media, blogs, content are important, but also face-to-face communication needs to occur more. Companies need to get more personable with their clients and know them by name.

The shift is on, several social media experts that I follow are looking for the next movement on the horizon. Social media and SEO techniques are available to companies, but it also takes companies knowing and understanding their clients better. This is where I am spending my time. I am looking for ways to connect more personally. The number of followers, likes and pluses really don’t have an impact on creating a personable message. I want to connect with those people who want to share their ideas, improve their processes, and ultimately grow their businesses.

I believe way too much time is spent connecting with people who will never take the next step. The majority of people prefer to be generalists and not get too close to their clients or work. There is a difference.

Where do you see social media going in the future? How do we take it to another level? I am not sure anyone knows exactly where we are headed, but I do believe big changes will occur in 2014 and we will be moving to a whole new way of connecting and learning more about our clients if we want to see our companies continue to grow.

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Start Demanding More in 2014

Expecting more in 2014In 2014, I am seeing a lot of people who were strong content marketers in the past are slowly changing their tune.

A number of these social media experts are reposting content from 2013 or prior years. My advice to you is make sure you know if the information you are reading is current or being regurgitated from the past. Also, check out the information closely. Is the post really saying anything new or could you have written the same information.

I really think it says something about the current confusion of where people are at with respect to social media marketing. I , myself have experienced success on social media and can point to some return on investment with respect to higher revenues and additional clients. In addition, I have been able to meet some outstanding people on social media and I am working to build more on those relationships. I still think we are in the infancy stage and we need to see how all of this fits together.

Social media cannot be ignored, but it is only one piece of the pie. I think the past few years, many consultants have tried to make us think if we were not using social media we could not be successful in our businesses. Content marketing is important and marketers need to find ways to help keep their marketing information in front of people.

With one month almost in the books in 2014, here is where I see things headed with respect to marketing and social media marketing.

Companies need to really work at developing deeper connections on social media sites. DEVELOPING ADVOCATES FOR YOUR BRAND should be a goal. In fact it may help you more than bringing someone on for a one-time transaction.  Linkedin is a great platform for this.

WE NEED STRONGER MESSAGES FROM COMPANY EXECUTIVES. Company Exectuives need to get more online and be the face of their company. Right now, the young people are posting a lot of information on Twitter, Linkedin and GooglePlus. These people are looking for ways to move up in their companies. Executives need start changing the way they think and get into the game, before the game passes them up. Many exectutives are reaping the benefits of their personal brand and becoming more of a face of their company.

The need for innovative content, (Content drastically different than the normal content) is desperately needed. I have found that making some simple updates to current profile pictures, backgrounds and information have really helped keep my message fresh with readers. In addition, people need to speak louder and from “THEIR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES” more.  I have found tremendous results with this last item.  I saw a few other people doing this and you can definitely see a shift in the people who are taking their social media experience to a new level.

Own the process! – What do you want people to know about you? What type of information would you like to know from others? How will you grow in your own professional learning in 2014? What do your clients want more of in 2014?  ARE YOU MAKING EFFORTS TO SHARE, CARE and CONSUME INFORMATION?

The only way you will succeed is to SET GOALS AND DEMAND MORE. I don’t understand why a lot of people are letting up in 2014. It seems to be a disturbing trend. Focus on the items mentioned above and you will see the results of your success. Keep trying things out! Rememeber there are not cookie-cutter solutions here.

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Is Personal Brand More Important than Company Brand on Social Media?

Company Brand or Personal Brand on Social MediaIt is really something people need to take a closer look at. I know I’ve been asking this quesiton quite a bit. There is a reason why Facebook does not like company pages. Also, overall, I would say company pages on Google+ and Linkedin get far fewer impressions and views than personal profiles. This is for good reason, people need to connect with people in order for connections to take place and transactions to occur.

I believe it is also the reason that company website hits have decreased over the past few years. Take a site like Amazon. Think how productive and efficient you could be if you could actually go to someone directly and ask them to 1) find the best price, 2) best shipping option for the price and 3) a review of the particular item. Right now, the consumer must find all three. I am not sure we will ever get to this type of a system, but think of the possibilities.

I attended a conference yesterday and listed to how a company that started out online has also grown to add a storefront and serve clients internationally. The key attribute they stressed was the one-to-one contact with their clients. This company has a strong client service department and it personally answers all client questions submitted online and over the phone.

Obviously a strong company will have a strong brand presence. This is critical. What I am looking at here is the social media channel specifically. You need strong resources on social media who are personal, client serving, results oriented and have influence on these various sites. It is for this reason that executives must take a more active approach on these sites and understand ways to connect with their clients using these channels.

For this reason, I really like Linkedin. On Linkedin, you have the opportunity to make connections with executives from major companiess simply by extending an invitation to connect. At ths same time,  you have the opportunity to keep in touch with these people on a daily basis by posting updates which these connections will see from time to time, not everyday, but you stay on their radar. In addition, I have learned that you may not receive feedback online, but you have now planted an important piece of information with them. You have given them your name as a represenative for a company they could do business with in the future.

I believe 2014 is the year I start to reap the benefits from all of these connections in a big way. I have made some top notch connections in the past with industry exectutives, potential clients, professional marketers, web developers, awesome teachers and students and the list goes on. In my case, too, I am more interested in the person first and the company they represent second. I believe it is the best way to getting results with clients.

On Social Media – Which brand do you relate to more?

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Big Data for 2014 – It’s about Creating an Experience

Big Data for 2014A lot has been made about “Big Data”. How should marketers approach this topic?

I have looked at this topic a lot and I really believe I was getting too caught up in all of the client data. I think a number of people are losing focus and are getting too much in to the hard core details and forgetting about the following:

“The NEW Client Experience”

Whether we like it or not, data is taking over our lives. I saw it this week with the gift of iPhones for my children. Our kids are just entering a new time where data will ultimately be the biggest asset and where information will be all around us.

For those of us who can remember pre-internet days, we are experiencing rapid change like never before. People are getting information at their fingertips. People are consumed by the latest news and promotions.

Take a minute and check out the following video | This is where we are headed in 2014 and beyond…

After watching this video, ask yourself, how can I as a marketer create a better experience for my clients. Isn’t that what big data is all about. It’s about the experience. When we are actually affecting the lives and experiences of our clients, they will tell us and want to be a part of something special. The experience cannot be ignored any longer.

Are you thinking big when it comes to 2014? Maybe you should expand your big picture mentality a bit? I know I am. With the rapid pace of change, it isn’t too crazy to think where we might be in a few years.

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Who has time for social media?

Time for Social MediaAre you still looking at social media like this? If so, you probably have not grasped what social media can do for you.

Here is a better question:

How can social media work for me?

You need to flip social media on its head and have social start working for you. I will give you some very quick tips you can implement today and you will see results.


Follow fewer people and categorize your followers with prioritized lists. Follow the few people that are making a difference or who are difference makers in a particular industry. Note – These people often follow 1,000 followers or fewer and engage with people on a regular basis. Also, consider posting your twitter links with pictures using twitpic. Images are in.


Follow people in your industry. Connect with other marketers. Post something everyday so people know who you are. Change/Update your profile and an email is automatically sent out to your connections. It helps keep your name in front of them. Company pages are starting make a bigger impact too. Join a group and post something different than the general conversation.


Keep working on engaging with others on this platform. Take time to connect with other groups. In time, it will be popular, so you need to maintain some type of presence. It’s Google and it cannot be ignored.


Continue to work your company page and keep a regular presence. If you use Facebook for family and friends, proceed with caution. Also, follow companies and organizations. I use Facebook as more of a newspaper or online magazine versus a collaboratorive site. Just my opinion.


The following information is a quick summary of how I spend my time on social media. I certainly do not want this post to be a post that tells you what to do. I am just telling you how social media works for me. I can’t spend every hour on social media. I have other work to do. However, if  you look at social media as a resource that works for you instead of a “work project” you might see more success in the future and you will want to invest some time in your own efforts.

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One of the best Google Hummingbird Articles I have read in 2013

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird | A New Direction for Marketers

Sometimes I come across good articles and sometimes I come across great articles. This article is a must read for marketers working with the New Google Hummingbird Changes

To Get Found On Google, You Have To Start Asking Questions

You must identify the questions that clients are asking and incorporate that dialogue into your website content!

That really summarizes everything in this article.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything in this article and I believe the examples it makes are right on and easy to understand.

Thanks Michael Lieberman for sharing this great post today!

Here is HUGE #keyword tip you should consider

#marketing #hashtagsWith all of the recent news about Google Hummingbird, maybe keywords are still a differentiator.  I just had a major breakthrough with respect to my own #GoogleHummingbird project.


Yes – Google recognizes #hashtag identifiers in search and it will bring back results associated with social media platforms like Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Vine and Blog Posts.

What does this information mean for you and I? To me, it means I really need to come up with a number of niche #hashtag words associated with my company brand and personal brand. In this world of broken english, (Thanks text messaging!) hashtags seen like the new way to communicate.

#Hashtags or QR Codes

I have another reason to pursue hashtags over QR Codes because #hashtags are searchable. QR Codes take too much work and are not searchable as far as I know.

#Hashtags in Blog Titles

Google also puts higher value on #hashtags in page titles.  This was a very interesting finding.

#Hashtags on Social Media Platforms and Google Searches


I also use #hashtags on Facebook, but I have only found them to work on the Facebook Platform.


#Hashtags on Linkedin do show up in Google Searches, but not Linkedin searches


#Hashtags in Google+ show up in Google and Google Plus depending if you are logged in or not.


#Hashtags in Twitter show up in Twitter and Google Searches.

#Hashtag Work

Time to now work on creating content that has some solid #hashtag terms that people might use. In addition, I need to use #hashtags more in posts on Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. I also need to start making the transition from keywords to #hashtags. An interesting way to look at key words from a whole different perspective.

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How will Google Hummingbird affect my website?

How does Google Hummingbird affect your website?This is the question of the day. I decided yesterday that I needed to get more up to speed with the changes. Here are two articles you absolutely have to read to get quickly up to speed.

FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm by Danny Sullivan, 9/26/2013

How Will Google Hummingbird Impact Links? Here Are 6 Ways by Eric Ward 10/8/2013

Where do I find out more about Google Hummingbird?

Yesterday, I started a search study and it really hit me that I need to study the effects of Google Hummingbird as it applies to search.  This is the biggest Google change since 2001. This means the rules have completely changed.  After reading the two articles, I decided to try some of the ideas mentioned in these articles and others. The first action I recommend you take is to read several articles regarding this topic. You will receive a number of different perspectives and ideas for you to think about.

What affects will I see from Google Hummingbird?

Right now, I have seen a major drop with some of my sites with respect to keyword searches. The past few days I have been flabbergasted by the sudden changes. Many sites that consistently ranked high on the first page of Google have now fallen off to page 3 or 4. This is completely unacceptable.

It used to be that if you had a solid, domain name that counted for something. This is not the case anymore. Keyword search does not hold as much weight from an organic standpoint. This last statement is the issue I am really struggling with and I am trying to find out if this really is the case or if I need to do some tweaking.

Will Google Hummingbird force me to go back to Google Adwords and paid advertisements?

A number of articles suggest that an active Google Adwords account is necessary if you want to be a Google Player. I am not ready to completely abandon organic search and switch over to paid search ads.

What should are next steps be with respect to Google Hummingbird?

For me, I am in listening mode. I am reading the findings of others and evaluting their information to see if it makes sense or not for my particular situation.

In addition, I am closely looking at Google Webmaster Tools to insure all of my sites are up to date with no errors and Google Analytics to see what type of traffic I am receiving and if there are any different factors that have ocurred since Google Hummingbird was implemented.

I am also looking harder and closer at Google Plus there appears to be a strong correlation to sites that are represented by people who have a large number of people in their circles as opposed to those of us with far fewer connections. Google Plus is becoming a part of search each and every day.

Some final thoughts…

Now is the time to do your research and learn more about Google Hummingbird and its impact on your current search-marketing strategy. Start learning. There isn’t a book out there yet that can help you and you ultimately need to look much closer at the traffic coming into your site and see where you can start making changes. If you have some thoughts on this topic, please send them to me. I can be found on Twitter.

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Your website | Your social media platform

Social Media | Your WebsiteI am sure you are looking at the title and saying, “Huh??” “What” “Does that even make sense?”

I have been reviewing my numbers on social media from 2012 – 2013 and noticed that my referrals from social media platforms had dropped some. As I looked at this information more closely, I saw another trend, more people were coming to our site directly. Those numbers were up substantially over last year.

The past two years,  I have also measured the number of phone calls and inquiries received and have noticed a substantial increase in these type of metrics. Then it finally hit me, returning clients are coming to our website because we are updating our content and we are giving people several options: phone, email and on our website to connect with our clients.

The Company Site as a Social Media Site

Our company website needs to be looked at like a social media site. We want people to interact with us online: directly-person to person, email or online by submitting questions and feedback.

The biggest advantage your company website has over social media site is the phone number. Name me one social media site where you can have an active presence online and speak to a representative. GooglePlus has hangouts, but it takes some coordination to make that work.

Another advantage – – People do not need an internet connection to find your company. If you are incorporating traditional media with an online presence, they should see your company brand on printed materials or on a business card. Another real advantage your company has with respect to a social media site. Have you seen a Twitter Business Card?

Your goal as a marketer is to find ways to provide information to your clients so they keep coming to your location, in broad terms: website, physical company, your employees, company booth, company promotional materials.

It is time to start incorporating social principles into your company’s marketing initiatives and look for ways to always improve communication and ultimately relationships with your clients. The possibilities are endless. The only way to find out is if you start looking at your site and start reaching out to your clients using different methods.

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Linkedin – The place to connect in 2013

Linkedin MarketingMost of you are intrigued with what social media can bring to the table. You have spent time on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus (Maybe- See yesterday’s post)  and other sites.

In the past month I have revisited Linkedin and found a whole new appreciation for connecting with some of the best people in the business. Plain and simple, this is where I want to spend my time with social media. It’s about the people.

On Twitter, it is all about real time information. People are important, but Twitter really is a news and information site. The best people provide the best information, but it takes a whole lot of effort to connect with people in real time. Linkedin is real-time but you do get a breather from time to time with people posting on Linkedin Groups and if you check out updates, you can get a feel for what people post on a regular basis.

On Facebook, for me it’s about family, friends, retail and organization announcements. It’s that nice, family friendly site where people learn a little more about their family and friends outside of work. Great site, but for my business it is more of a family, friendly newsletter type of atmosphere. I used to follow a lot of people on Facebook, but have since cut back because this type of information is a bit personal and I believe you need to know more about the people you are connecting with, (or maybe you might want to know less – if you get my point)

GooglePlus is still the wildcard. I think it is great to connect here. I think it takes a lot of work and it is not everyone’s first place to go to for connecting and engaging with people. For those of you, who’ve been able to make this platform their number one place for connections. Congratulations – You must really be doing something great and I am jealous. Keep up the great work and the rest of us will hopefully get there someday.

Linkedin has made a number of changes in the past year and I really think the quality of people on this site is what makes this platform stand out from the rest. Where else can you go and connect with CEO’s, Executives, Managers and Support Personnel. Everyone has a story and you can learn a lot by looking at profiles.

(A Major Benefit ) In addition, I like the fact that you can also see who is viewing your profile information or updates.

(Another Benefit) If you update your profile, a message is sent to your connections regarding this update

(Another Benefit) You can connect with people in your industry, profession and potential markets.

(Another Benefit)  You can follow your competitors. You can follow individuals or companies. A great way to stay connected in your industry.

(Groups) You have the ability to dialogue with others in a group setting. In addition, you can connect with these same people.

(Updates) (Most Benefit) You can post valuable information for others to read and comment on in a controlled, “NO SPAM” environment.

I know there are other benefits, but if you are about marketing and business, you really need to get on Linkedin and start using the functionality available to you.

By the way, thank you to all of you who’ve connected with me over the past few years. I enjoy learning about the various companies and job duties that each of you perform. Hopefully, we can learn from each other and continue to grow professionally.


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3 Tips to Get on People’s Radar

Keeping on People's RadarEveryday, I try to work on a particular target market and find a way to reach them with our products and services. With today’s flood of information, it is becoming a grueling task for marketers to reach their audiences.

Linkedin – This has become my new choice to reconnect with professionals. If you show people you are interested in other people’s information, you will find more acceptance from your community than simply posting your own content. Also, remember to update your profile on a regular basis, Linkedin will send a note to your connections that your profile has been updated.

Twitter – Retweet and add a comment. Don’t just retweet someon’e information, unless there is absolutely no room to add a comment. In addition make sure you thank people for retweeting your comments and add a personal note too.

GooglePlus – Start sharing more comments on GooglePlus. Google is integrating this platform more and more into search. Find a way to use this platform on a regular basis to keep up with the current changes at Google.

The bolded items in the paragraphs above are what really separate the great people from the good people with respect to online connections. Be great and stay on people’s radar!

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Three Marketing Ideas To Think About

Top 3 Marketing IdeasHere are my top 3 Marketing Ideas for the week.

1) Medium – Have you heard of this social medium platform. I really think it has some viability.  I saw Gary Vaynerchuk posted a tweet with a link to this platform and had to check it out.


The one very cool thing about this site is that it wants to link to your Google+ Profile through Google Authorship. ((Very Cool))

Check out my profile and only post. I just setup my profile last night.

2) Mobile App Development – Looking at various options and  evaluating different ideas for a company app. I came across this article, Mobile App Development Skills: Buy, Rent or Build and it makes a lot of good points. Well worth the read.

3) Social CEO Report - Working on a presentation for a local marketing group and I want to reference this report and really talk about what the numbers mean. It is really important for people to continue to integrate all of their marketing processes together and not treat social media into its own silo. Check out the report and see the numbers for yourself.

That is my list for now!

What projects are you working on this week?

What special discoveries have you uncovered?

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Social CEO Report – My Take

Social CEO ReportBy now you have heard about this report that was just released. You really should check it out and it will show you a lot. 2013 Social CEO Report

Influence outside of social media trumps engagement on social media

I guess one point here is if you look at only the data, you would come to the conclusion that CEOs are not very social but they are very influential.  Warren Buffet has a Klout rating of 87 and he has sent out 3 tweets. Is Warren engaging transparent? The numbers on social media would say yes. I think the piece that is missing here is that social isn’t everything, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison and others had real clout and influence way before social media came along.

The report does show some growth in the area of CEOs getting on social media but it really isn’t anything to base future decisions on.

Also, the report also shows that many of the companies that these CEOs represent have their own company presence on social media which is quite strong. Coca-cola has a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook, will Warren Buffet ever be the face of Coca-Cola?

The takeaway for me are the following

As a Marketing Executive, it is my duty to create influence for my company brand. My name or company brand name is not a household name. It is for this reason that social media is a good platform to create that influence and I go at it with a double-punch by creating a business presence and a professional presence, (This Blog Site).

I could take this information and make the conclusion that if social media isn’t important for the top ceos than it isn’t important for me.  I could also wait for CEOs to become more active on social media. (Some advice: CEOs are not going to be active on social media anytime soon.

What makes me excited about this information is that I have tools, resources and other marketing channels to really make a difference. The choice is really up to me, and I am going to keep building my influence, (Both Professionally and Company Brand) online and through other means.

You can continue to be like other CEOs or you can be part of a “New Group of Executives” that is using a mix of technology, engagement and other initiatives to build influence in a way that has never been done before.

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