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Google+ is the latest area to look at with respect to marketing.

Personal Branding in 2014

Personal BrandThis year many people are trying to keep up with the latest techniques with respect to content marketing, social media, seo, Google Hummingbird, mobile marketing and other topics. I believe one area that people are not spending enough time is personal branding.

Right now people are fleeing their old website and spending more and more time on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus reposting news information. Right now there is so much broadcasting of information going on that it is almost a turnoff to me to check out information posted on Twitter, Linkedin or GooglePlus.

Here is why personal branding is critical.

  • People do business with people
  • Companies are only good as the people who represent them
  • People make the difference with a company’s success

As an executive with a major company, I have seen my personal brand rise as a result of my connection with the company I work for. In addition, I have seen how important it is today to make sure people recognize who you are and connect you with the company you represent.

For me it is about passion. You have to have some drive and be excited to come to work and see your company grow. In addition, you need to be accountable to your employees and clients and make sure you are working toward meeting their needs and finally you need to give back in some way, by sharing your story with others. In addition, it is important to listen to other people’s stories and learn more about the way they view things.

Your personal brand can be communicated in different ways. I prefer Linkedin. I think it is important to share an update each day with the people I am connected with. In addition, it is important to update your profile each month or at least every quarter. Are you aware that if you update your profile, an email is sent to each one of your connections in the background. This process helps you keep your personal brand in front of others. In addition, it is important to read what other people are sharing and add a comment or two after reading something. Also, I like to endorse people for different skill sets. Here again, it shows that you are trying to stay connected.

On Twitter, I like to add a link to this blog post and retweet news or information that I have found to be helpful. Engaging is an overused term. I think mentions are great. If someone mentions something I have posted,  it is imperative that I recognize and thank them for taking time to comment about something I posted.

I am still working on building my personal brand on Google Plus. I connect with a few people, but I think the platform is very time-consuming to use and post. Just my opinion. Facebook is for friends and family. I am not looking to build my personal brand on Facebook.

For 2014, Personal Branding is right up there with content marketing. People need to know where there content is coming from and people are going to start looking more and more at the source of their content to determine if the source is reliable or not. I see this topic being a growing trend this year and in the future.

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