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Executives – Are you on Twitter?

The place of choice for most executives is Linkedin. That is very understandable! The site is a professional site where business professionals can collaboratre and connect with people from different industries. The recent upgrades to company pages and analytics have really helped this site become a great place for connecting with other business people. IContinue Reading

Learn More, Communicate Effectively and Listen

Today, we see more fake marketing techniques than ever before. People only know a little bit of information about a product or service and they really can’t show the value to the buyer. Here is one example. It is amazing to me that people can talk about cloud technology, but do not have any ideaContinue Reading

Mobile Marketing will Make Websites Better

Today, you will notice that I have updated this website with larger fonts and less stuff on the side. I think people are starting to focus on the real information, “The Specific Content Message”. After talking to some of my colleagues this year, most of us agree that people are tired of noise and theyContinue Reading

Meeting One to One | Reality Check

Personal Service should be our focus. Can you imagine a sit-down restaurant where you order your food without a waiter or waitress? Can you imagine a retail store where everything is self-service with computers and monitors and no store help? Now some services have gone self-service like gas stations. However, think about some of  theContinue Reading

Marketing 101 | Duck Duck Go

Have you heard about Duck Duck Go? (Read more in this FastCompany Article: Inside DuckDuckGo, Google’s Tiniest, Fiercest Competitor) It is my favorite search engine. Bar none. It is simple, search not based on any outside influences. It is basically what Google started out to be. I think a movement is on to bring simple,Continue Reading

Is it too late to learn social media?

The answer to this question is no! For one reason or another, maybe you were one of those people who was very skeptical of social media and never quite grasped that Twitter thing. The great news is that it is not too late and actually it is a good time to get into social media.Continue Reading

Marketing | Client Service

Isn’t this what  it is all about – Bringing Marketing and Client Service Together Everyday, I go online to find out the lastest news, trends, innovative ideas. I ask questions online and see if I can find some content that best answers my question.  When I find information that helps answer a question of mine,Continue Reading

Marketing Penetration

This week I have talked a lot about the changes that are happening with respect to online marketing and social media. I see a lot of marketing professionals changing the way they approach their marketing initiaitives. Here are some of the themes: SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media must come together Content Marketing is notContinue Reading

What’s Next After Social Media?

As I talk to my friends in the industry, I see a lot of chatter that social media has overtaken companies as the prime way to market a company. Combine social media with SEO, a Content Management Strategy and some other online tools and you have the perfect system.  Meanwhile…many companies are looking at theContinue Reading

Marketing Automation or Marketing Hand-Holding?

Imagine buying a bunch of blocks already put together in a finished product. Think how hard it would be to go back and look at the process and all the steps involved. This is the scenario I want you to think about today. I constantly wrestle with the question of automation. What if every campaignContinue Reading

Dealing With Social Media Talk

Is social media the new “Talk Radio”? Are you tired of all the “breaking news” updates on your mobile phone? These are my thoughts after Facebook came out with its latest invention, Paper. It looks like Facebook wants to make sure all that information, news and your personal news feed are on your radar atContinue Reading

Social Media – Staying Under the Radar

I think the whole “going viral” thing is really overrated. Yes, some companies have thrived as the result of a huge giveaway or event, but these are the exceptions. There are some companies out there who promise that your company will “go viral” if you sign-up with them. So as a company, you have aContinue Reading

The Race to Gather Client Data is On

It seems there is this new sense of urgency to obtain client data. Some companies are using outside companies to do this work for them. Others are paying dearly for client data to help them better understand their markets. Other companies are sending out surveys as another means of capturing client data. Here is myContinue Reading

The Truth About People on Social Media

Everywhere I read the following types of information: Social Media Experts telling me if you are “not connecting” on social media sites with your clients your are really missing out as a company. Social Media Experts telling me if you are “not engaging” clients online you are really missing out on opportunities your competitors areContinue Reading

Short Form | Long Form Content

Content Marketing is still a big buzz word, but there is alot of confusion on this topic. I came across this article, (Horses for Courses On Social Media: Short-Form vs. Long-Form Content)  by Adrian Blake  and I really believe it makes some great points about how to use content correctly. On social media, short formContinue Reading

Simple Test to See How Social Media is Affecting Your Brand

Every so often, it is important to see where your name ranks and how GOOGLE views your name brand. Perform this simple test – ( I would sign out of Google – To check this out) 1) Type your first name and last name into Google (Google Yourself) If your name is very popular, alsoContinue Reading

Auto Response is Not For Me

Everyday someone calls and tries to push on me another system that has an auto-delivery message to your clients. The auto-response movement There is a movement that says if you are not connected to your clients, you are going to lose them. However, how many of you can tell an auto-generated message from a personalContinue Reading

Start Demanding More in 2014

In 2014, I am seeing a lot of people who were strong content marketers in the past are slowly changing their tune. A number of these social media experts are reposting content from 2013 or prior years. My advice to you is make sure you know if the information you are reading is current orContinue Reading